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Mathilde Argaud - CEO

“I have been bathing in the nautical environment since my childhood; my father was making keels for boats. A few years ago, while we were in a nautical fair, we both noticed that connected objects were becoming more and more present. We began to think about several ideas to solve the problems present in the boating field thanks to these new technologies... What seemed impossible to solve yesterday may be solved today! And, one thing leading to another, was born Largowind!”


Maxime Guichard - COO

“Our world is changing, largely because of new technologies. Rather than undergo these changes, we decided to be actors. We do believe that technology can make our daily life easier, safer and more exciting. That's why we have created Largowind: to ensure that every sailor can enjoy his boat with even more passion.”


Baptiste Corvey-Biron - Sales Director

“The passion that animates the sailing world is admirable. What more can a company like Largowind dream for? Transforming ideas into concrete solutions becomes easy in an environment that is so effervescent and demanding!”


Finalist of the Innovation Awards, organized by the Nautic of Paris

Winner of the Creative Young Entrepreneur of Luxembourg 2017, awarded by the Young Chamber of Commerce of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Finalist of the Woman Business Manager of the Year 2017, organized by the Bank of Luxembourg


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